The Ravens’ Call

The Tasmanian Pagan Alliance newsletter "The Ravens' Call" began in 1997 and it is the longest running printed bulletin of esoteric interests in Australia at the present date.

The Ravens' Call is produced four times per year, and editions are released seasonally as part of the yearly membership of the TPA.

How "The Ravens' Call" found its name
At first, the newsletter circulated to the TPA members was nameless. After an effort to harvest a name from the members proved unsuccessful, inspiration struck between Allannah Turner (the original State Coordinator) and Jo Grant (the longest running graphic designer). It was Jo Grant who, at the time, had rescued a wild raven. This fascinating journey let her to delve into raven folklore. Allannah also had a special connection with the raven due to working with a Nordic Tarot Deck. One of the cards pictured Odin with two ravens perched upon his shoulders. These ravens are the messengers that fly to Odin informing him of the goings-on within the world.

So it was the combined hands-on interaction with a wild raven and tarot mythology about the raven which birthed "The Ravens' Call' as the TPA newsletter title.

During the naming process, Jo and Allannah did not see "The Ravens' Call" as a singular entity. Ravens flock and the newsletter is our message to you about the goings-on within the pagan world.
Therefore, they provided an apostrophe at the end of the word "Ravens'", which has confused people ever since! But at least you know why that little apostrophe is where it is.

The Ravens' Call recently
The 2016 Samhain edition of The Ravens' Call was our 70th issue - a massive milestone for pagans in Tasmania, 70 issues means 18 years of production and printing.
The Ravens' Call is produced voluntarily by the members for the members - all content is provided by the TPA, all articles received - regardless of theme, content and length - are indeed printed.

Each editor and graphic designer of newsletter has brought their own unique flavour to the mix, which has made The Ravens' Call evolve to form an important function in our pagan community.
During the past five years an emphasis has been placed upon creating regular articles to feature in every issue. This has proved highly successful and continues to bring continuity and professionalism to an ever-growing networking system.

Ravens' Call requirements are
We need:

  • content for interesting articles, reviews and reports - photos and images.
  • an editor to collate the content and make it legible and coherent and also to seek out and chase promised articles.
  • proof readers to double-check grammar and spelling errors.
  • a graphic designer to put it all together in an aesthetically pleasing manner, that reflects the attitudes and philosophy of the TPA.
  • someone to take on the responsibility for sourcing printing, labelling and postage to members.

So each issue of The Ravens' Call is handled quite a bit behind the scenes and is carefully tended from person-to-person before landing either in your mailbox or your inbox.

The Ravens' Call Team
Over the years, the following people have contributed to and made The Ravens' Call a possibility:

  • Marianne Cherrie - Editor 1997-2001
  • Allannah Turner - Graphic Designer 1997-2001; Editor 2001-2004
  • Jo Grant - Graphic Designer 2001-2009
  • Jeanette Gormley - Editor 2004-2006
  • Ally - Editor 2006-2008
  • Mel Dolliver - Editor 2008-present
  • Terri Baran - Graphic Designer 2009-2013
  • Jess Steers - Graphic Designer 2013-present

The Ravens' Call is a key part of the TPA, keeping members connected, informed and amused!

Sample RC

Sample Ravens CallDownload a sample of the Ravens' Call.
This document is in PDF format so you will need a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader to access this document.

This particular issue was put together for public distribution at the Australian Fair for Freedom of Belief and Religion in July 2014.