Committee and Moot Conveners

The Committee consists of our amazing volunteers who look after the behind-the-scenes of the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance. Each member is voted in by our membership. Elections are once every even-numbered year, and the term goes for two years until the next election.


Morgan Leigh

Office Holders

Our current President is Morgan Leigh -

Alex Levett

Our current Vice-President is Alex Levett -

Daniella Fleischer

Our current Secretary is Daniela Fleischer -

Jan Walker

Our current Treasurer is Jan Walker.

Matthew Anning

Committee Members

Lynn Parlett -

Mel Dolliver

Mel Dolliver -

Moot Conveners are the people who run our Pagans in the Pub. It's their job to book the venue, organise discussion topics and guest speakers and, of course, attend each moot! They also have to write reports for The Ravens' Call, provide assistance with events in their area, and be a fountain of information on the TPA for the people who attend their moots. Information on the Pagans in the Pub can be found here.

Morgan Leigh

Our current Hobart Moot Convener is Lynn Parlett. Contact Lynn by email at

Mel Dolliver

Our current Burnie Moot Convener is Mel Dolliver. Contact Mel by email at