Jess Johnstone

Jess JohnstoneRole: State Coordinator
Since: March 2008

What started you upon the Pagan path?
I stumbled across a book about Wicca in the local library – at first I thought it was going to be about candle making – and it sparked my curiosity and interest. From there I read all the books I could get my hands on, and my sister Mel and I found that what we discovered was already what we believed in, how we had been raised, and rang true on so many levels. From there I have spent many years reading, meeting people, attending events and more.

First Pagan book?
I can’t remember who wrote that first book that I picked up at the library, but the first book I purchased for myself (after receiving various spell books from family members as gifts) was Yasmin Galenorn’s book Embracing the Moon. I still think it’s a good beginners book, although I haven’t re-read it in years.

Favourite Sabbat?
Lammas! Whoops, I mean Lughnasadh. I love this time of year, the last harvest, the bounty, the sacrifices, the weather, squeezing the last out of summer. I find myself thinking of this time of year well before it comes around on the wheel.

Do you have a recent activity or workshop attended?
The last event I attended was Jan’s Beltane event, and it was great! I loved trekking out to Jan’s place in the bush, ritualling in her beautiful circle, and making the prettiest maypole yet!

Sky clad, robed or casual?
Robed! I love dressing up for the occasion – it’s an important part of ritual preparation for me.

Favourite crystal or gemstone?
Moonstone. I love its imperfections, the way it flashes colour when you’re not looking, and how it reminds me of the feminine mysteries.

Mead or mulled wine?
I like my mead cold, and my mulled wine steaming hot. I also love boutique beer and, of course, rum!

If you could meet a famous Pagan person, who would it be?
This is a tricky one – I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few famous Pagans over the years! I’d like to meet Emma Restall Orr, Druid and author. And if I would meet someone who has passedon, I would choose Rosaleen Norton, infamous Witch of Kings Cross.