Mel Dolliver

Mel DolliverRole: Regional Coordinator / Ravens’ Call Editor

What started you upon the Pagan path?
Like most people, my spiritual journey started fairly young and without me recognising what it was, other aspects along the way have also added to the interest. But I’m definitely nature-based and move with the seasons. I love my herb garden and always do ritual outside with a big fire and mug of mead!

First Pagan book?
My first Pagan style book was probably Clan of the Cave Bear, the earth’s children series. – of I think six books altogether. I remember finishing the last page and then starting all over again! I made my own amulet too!

Favourite Sabbat?
Oh… too hard, I love them all! But I reckon Imbolc at the moment – I love that quiet time just as the earth is waking up from her winter slumber.

Do you have a recent activity or workshop attended?
Yes I go to as many pagan events as possible – I attend the Living Goddess wokshops, and I’ve just come back from Jan’s Beltane event in the South.

Sky clad, robed or casual?
Oh, robed for sure!

Favourite crystal or gemstone?
Amber… all amber is mine! I love it – golden, soft and warm…so magical.

Mead or mulled wine?
Both – and rum!

If you could meet a famous Pagan person, who would it be?
Damh the Bard, for sure – and I’d make a request too!