Rose Dragonwulf

Role: Launceston Moot Convenor

What started you upon the Pagan path?
My Mum, from as early as I can remember she has taught me about nature/plant sprites, working with the fae and communicating with spirits. She also instilled in me a curiosity about this realm and others.

First Pagan book?
How to Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf.

Favourite Sabbat? Samhain (I could celebrate all year round).

Do you have a recent activity or workshop attended?
Looking forward to catching up with everyone at Beltaine.

Sky clad, robed or casual?
Years ago as a member of a coven I did attend skyclad events but as I’ve gotten older (and live in a colder climate) I’m all about robes now. If I’m on my own it’s often just casual but with a group I loved to get dressed up.

Favourite crystal or gemstone?
Amber is an all-time favourite but labradorite has been really drawing me in lately.

Mead or mulled wine?

If you could meet a famous Pagan person, who would it be? 
I think it would be Gerald Gardner so I could find out the truth about Wicca’s beginnings, listen to stories about items from his museum and to share a drink and laugh about did he ever imagine the popularity of the Craft today.