Terri Baran

Terri BaranRole: Treasurer / Webmistress

What started you upon the Pagan path?
I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was – maybe it was watching “The Craft” for the first time, or my older sister doing a school project on Witchcraft, but I gradually started researching it for whatever reason and found the general beliefs fit that which I already believed in. I consider myself an “Eclectic Pagan with Wiccan & Druidic tendancies”!

First Pagan book?
I can’t really recall but I think it was Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner”. Either that or one of the Witchcraft magazine diaries, 2001 issue I think?

Favourite Sabbat?
That’s a tough one! I love Samhain and Imbolc because I tend to be a bit of an introspective person. But love them all, really!

Do you have a recent activity or workshop attended?
I have been relatively house-bound since having my two kidlets, but the most recent workshop I attended was on my birthday in 2015, which was a Shamanic Journeying workshop. That was an amazing experience. I love the pub moots too!

Sky clad, robed or casual?
Depending on the occasion, robed or casual. If I’m just by myself, casual works, but in a group ritual I find robed is better. Helps me get into the mindset a little easier.

Favourite crystal or gemstone?
Everyone knows it’s Amethyst – it’s my birthstone, and I’ve always had such an affinity with it. I think it goes well with my personality and my starsign (Aquarius) too – spiritual, airy, and pacifistic with a spontaneous edge!

Mead or mulled wine?
Mulled wine!!!

If you could meet a famous Pagan person, who would it be?
Wow. Scott Cunningham would be one – I think he wrote in such a straight-forward, understanding way that he’d be an interesting person to talk to. I’d love to meet Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone in person too, having conversed a few times (and revamped their website *insertbraghere*) over email and such.