Silver Broomstick Awards 2019

WHEN: Saturday 14th December
TIME: 5pm – 7:30pm for the evening meal
WHERE: Fern Glade Reserve – Fernglade road, Stowport, Burnie
VOTING: Commences on the 13th of November and will end on the 10th of December

The Silver Broomstick Awards was birthed from an idea of creating an annual casual style picnic/BBQ gathering at the Summer Solstice. Rather than a weekend long event, we would just meet for a get together over a meal, choosing this shorter event due to the busy nature of the end of December which would potentially make it a difficult commitment otherwise. We also harness the celebratory feelings occurring at this time – helped by the promise of lingering warm weather.

This event is focused around the aspect of gratitude. Gratitude for our beautiful pagan community and the time and skills donated by people towards our varying events throughout the year. We would like to acknowledge not only those who contributed towards these moots, events and fundraising projects, but also our membership base and supportive friends of the membership, through the conduit of food and community!

Although there is a serious element of awareness and appreciation, the voting and awards ceremony isn’t designed to create competition or division, but to enhance a sense of community and gratitude.

To nominate members for the awards, please fill in the form below.

Shows gratitude towards a Pagan who has demonstrated positive intention within the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance community by going over and above to donate their time, resources or knowledge.
If you get stuck, think about a past TPA event, moot, article or other experience that had meaning for you.
For a Pagan who has demonstrated support, nurturing and strength within the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance community and who practices positive focus within our pagan community.
For a Pagan who has kept the fires going and the beer flowing with support and love within our pagan community.
For a Pagan who has joined the Pagan Alliance during the last year, and has already shown supportive qualities within our pagan community.
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