Upcoming Events

The Tasmanian Pagan Alliance, Inc. hosts a range of events every year, usually corresponding with the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year – the two solstices, the two equinoxes, and the harvest festivals that fall in between. Our annual calendar usually looks like this:
Early February: Harvest Fest – full weekend event
Late April: Fagus Walk – day event in the North West and South
Mid June: Yule – full weekend event
Early August: Imbolc Celebration
Late October: Beltane – full weekend event
December: Silver Broomstick Awards & Summer Solstice Celebration – day event in a central location.

From year to year we also host and support one-off events that might include a celebration at a member’s home, workshops and more. Some events are free, and some have a small entry fee to help with costs, for which members receive a discount.

We also support and spread the word for other pagan and pagan-interest events. We do not endorse these events, so to make it easy any event hosted by the TPA are marked with our logo.
If you are interested in listing your upcoming event here, please get in touch by email – taspainc@gmail.com.