The Tasmanian Pagan Alliance is a networking association for pagans of all kinds in Tasmania.

Above is a real time, live updating, chart for Hobart (42°52'48.0"S 147°19'01.2"E), Tasmania, Australia. Astute observers will note that the Eastern horizon, and therefore the rising sign, is on the right hand side of the chart, and that the planets rotate counterclockwise, but still deosil, which is how the sky looks in the Southern Hemisphere i.e. the Sun moves from East to West across the Northern part of the sky. Similarly, the first house is below the horizon on the right hand side of the chart, the second is below that, and so on clockwise. The logo in the middle indicates the season; whichever leaf colour is upmost indicates the current time of year, e.g. silver = winter, green = spring. The coming season is to the left of the current season.