Pagans In The Pub

On the first Thursday of each month in Hobart we host a Pub moot. This is a casual, friendly gathering of like minded people, and a great chance to get to the know the community over a meal and a drink or two. All are welcome.

On the third Thursday of each month we have a virtual moot via video conferencing for members only.

Seasonal Events

The Wheel Of The Year In The Southern Hemisphere

The Tasmanian Pagan Alliance hosts a range of events every year. Our annual calendar usually looks like this:

Early February: Harvest Fest
Late April: Fagus Walk
Mid June: Winter Solstice – Yule
Early August: Imbolc
November: Spring Equinox – Beltane
December: Summer Solstice

From year to year we also host and support one off events that might include a celebration at a member’s home, workshops and more. Some events are free while some have a small entry fee to help with costs, for which members receive a discount.

We also support and spread the word for other pagan and pagan relevant events. If you are interested in listing your upcoming event here, please get in touch by email –